This Blog features a mix of Alexa`s research, academic and co-creation projects as well as artistic work. A glimpse behind the scenes of projects, workshops, design processes, production runs and photoshoots. Enjoy!

Social value co-creation

Alexa sees her work as an open process, a collaborative action that allows for coincidence and surprises, incidents and accidents. “My projects become an interaction with the surroundings, finding potential in what is given, working hands-on with artisans. My work is essentially about bringing together what is already there, but which remained disconnected. A great number of designers start from scratch, and then define a product in every detail detached form circumstances. If you take that as a norm, I’m less a product designer than a process designer, a facilitator, someone who makes things possible.” Alexa works with artisans and rural communities with the goal of designing and producing products that create value beyond the immediate region of the producer. Alexa believes that the shared and expanded knowledge developed through time spend together, combined with a broader world view and distribution opportunities, leads to projects and products that help sustain craft producers and villages beyond their current capabilities. So far Alexa has been collaborating with artisans in Sri Lanka, Japan, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Nepal and China and has undertaken research trips to Peru and Morocco. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact Alexa.